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In the Media

Over the course of his 30 years as an attorney, Stephan T. Mashel has handled many newsworthy cases which received media coverage on T.V., radio, in newspapers, and on the internet. Cases handled by Mr. Mashel receiving media coverage include a baby sitter baby shaking case which tragically resulted in the death of an infant; a police brutality claim which was alleged to have arisen from unlawful police profiling tactics; race discrimination where workers were subject to a hostile work environment including the hanging of a noose on a client’s locker; an African American former Township Administrator who was subjected to racially offensive treatment in an overwhelmingly white municipality; a former school principal who engaged in alleged whistleblowing activities, and religious discrimination in the form of retaliation against a client because of his religious observances as a Seventh Day Adventist. Relatedly, Mr. Mashel has been interviewed in the past by TV reporters including Jamie Colby of CNN, Jim Dolan of WABC-TV Channel 7, David Novarro of WABC-TV Channel 7, Linda Schmidt of WNYW Fox 5, Pete Fuentes of WWORTV Channel 9, Matthew Schwartz of WWORTV Channel 9, Pamela Chan of WPIX Channel 11, and Sheri Hensley of New Jersey News 12.

The Burlington County Times and reported on Mashel Law's race discrimination case filed in December 2017 against Willingboro Township on behalf of two of its public works employees. The lawsuit brought under New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination alleges that our clients, two African American males, were the victims of severe and persistent racism which denied them their legal right to a safe and non-hostile work environment; racism ignored by the Township for far too long.

As part of its investigation into Lyft Drivers being shortchanged by the company, Stephan Mashel was recently interviewed by NBC-TV News in Los Angeles, CA, NBC-TV 5 in Dallas, Texas, and WMTJ-TV 4 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mashel Law is representing Lyft drivers in a nationwide class action lawsuit against Lyft for failing to pay its drivers what they are contractually owed. Lyft is a "ridesharing" business that originated in San Francisco, California in 2012, and whose chief competitor is Uber. Lyft operates in at least 33 other states in the United States. Articles about this lawsuit have appeared in Law 360, a nationally renowned internet news outlet covering the legal profession, and on the front page of the Asbury Park Press, as well as receiving coverage on Law 360 previously reported on Mashel Law's nationwide class action lawsuit against Trans World Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a For Your Entertainment (FYE) for unlawfully failing to pay overtime wages to Store Managers and Sr. Assistant Managers in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Law 360 previously reported on Mashel Law's pending New Jersey based class action lawsuit filed against Bath & Beyond, Inc. for unlawfully failing to pay overtime wages to Department Managers, Customer Service Representatives, and Assistant Store Managers working in New Jersey in violation of New Jersey’s Wage and Hour Law. Law 360 has also reported on Mashel Law’s pending class action lawsuit against Lowe's Home Centers LLC for illegally misclassifying installers as independent contractors while shirking the providing of employee benefits in the process. Law 360 further reported on a pending discrimination lawsuit filed by Mashel Law against an international pharmaceutical giant on behalf of a former employee of the pharma company claiming she was fired in retaliation for taking time off due to a miscarriage and for raising concerns that her coworkers were violating prescription authorization laws. The lawsuit against Novo Nordisk was also extensively reported on by the Danish Newspaper Berlingske. In addition to having his cases reported on in the media, Mr. Mashel has been asked by media outlets for his legal analysis and commentary on contemporary legal issues. For instance, in 2013 Mr. Mashel was asked by The Bergen Record to write an Op-Ed piece regarding a then soon to be implemented unemployment insurance regulation requiring claimants to register each week on a state-run internet job board or face the forfeiture of benefits. During the summer of 2015, Mr. Mashel was interviewed on air by WKXW 101.5 FM Radio to solicit his opinions and commentary regarding job safety issues raised by the tragic murders of a Roanoke, Virginia TV Reporter and her cameraman by a mentally disturbed former co-worker.

Recently, the New Jersey Law Journal and Law 360 reported on Mashel Law's success in obtaining a written published decision by the Superior Court of New Jersey's Appellate Division where, in a case of first impression, it held that the New Jersey Wage and Hour Law and the New Jersey Wage Payment Law entitled our law firm's clients and the class of similar workers they seek to represent as being eligible to seek six (6) years' worth of unpaid wages, attorneys' fees and liquidated damages.

Let’s be clear: Not all of the cases handled by Mashel Law receive press and media coverage. Indeed, the great majority don’t. Rather, the foregoing is meant to show that if media and press coverage will best serve the legal interests of our clients, Mr. Mashel and his staff are well positioned to get their clients' claims the media coverage they deserve.

If you believe your rights as an employee or citizen have been violated by a private business or public governmental entity, call the lawyers at Mashel Law (732) 536-6161 for help or fill out the contact form on this page.

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When I discovered Mashel Law, I was not sure that my case would be handled with such outstanding diligence. This firm offers : Competence, Professionalism, and Courtesy, a very important factor that is often missing in professional interaction. Excelsior! B.D.
It's good luck to meet Elizabeth. She helped my husband's unemployment case through really tough time. She is very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. We couldn't make it without her big help. Thank you so much again. J.Y.
This law firm is amazing, great staff, would recommend this firm to friends and family. Thanks you for all your hard work. M.R.
Staff and lawyers at Mashel Law did an outstanding job in helping with legal issues. They are professional, knowledgeable and well versed in the employment laws. Extremely satisfied and highly recommend the firm. Thank you. M.T.
From start to finish this firm was amazing. During a real difficult time in my life they made my case feel like it was a top priority. I can't thank them all enough. Great job! I would highly recommend this firm. C.B.