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New Jersey Employment Attorneys

At Mashel Law we are passionate about protecting workers and enforcing employee rights throughout New Jersey. Our firm’s mission is to protect your right to work in a job where you are judged by the merits of your performance and not by your sex, race, age, ancestry, national origin, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation or other protected class characteristic, and not punished for blowing the whistle on unlawful activities. We aggressively pursue hostile work environment, unfair punishment, and wrongful discharge claims against employers. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients when they are falsely accused of poor performance or misdeeds by management and their lackeys. Equally important, our lawyers relentlessly seek to recover monies due and owed our clients for the damages and losses they have and continue to suffer.

Mashel Law located in Marlboro, New Jersey is not intimidated by the size, resources, or wealth of our client’s opponent. For over three decades now, our New Jersey employment attorneys have time and again successfully sued large Fortune 500 sized corporations, mid-sized businesses, professional partnerships, the State of New Jersey, and numerous counties and municipalities on behalf of its clients.


Our New Jersey employment law attorneys listen to your story and—if your case has merit—take prompt steps to place your claim into motion. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure their objectives are met in a transparent and timely manner. We stay in constant communication with our clients and endeavor to confer with them on every decision important to their legal claims.

The lawyers at Mashel Law advocate for you every step of the way. We act together as a team. From the moment you step into our office until the final outcome of your case, we strive to keep you informed and involved. We know discrimination and retaliation is traumatic, financially wrenching, and emotionally draining. Accordingly, our firm is prepared to give you the support you need, and to devote the time and energy necessary to bring your claim to a successful conclusion.


Discrimination can occur in any phase of employment, including job postings and hiring, compensation, job assignments, advancement, hostile treatment, discipline and termination. Employment discrimination can be overt or subtle. It is important to document the unequal treatment and pattern of prejudiced language or actions. In many cases, workplace discrimination and workplace harassment claims are intertwined. The same can be said for those of you who are retaliated by employers for having disclosed or objected to activities of coworkers or your employer which you reasonably believed violated law, regulation or was contrary to federal or state public policy. Whatever unlawful situation befalls you, rest assured our New Jersey employment lawyers at Mashel Law will pursue all valid claims against offending employers and their conspiring cohorts. Mashel Law represents clients who have been:

  • Sexually harassed
  • Wrongfully discharged
  • Forced to endure a hostile work environment
  • Treated differently than others doing comparable work
  • Fired or penalized because of whistle-blowing activities
  • Fired or penalized for pursuing workers compensation benefits
  • Denied rights guaranteed by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act and New Jersey Family Leave Act
  • Wrongfully denied unemployment benefits
  • Denied wages and benefits under New Jersey’s Wage and Hour Laws
  • Unlawfully misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees
  • Denied rights and benefits under New Jersey’s Civil Service Laws
  • The victim of unfair labor practices
  • Forced out or frozen out of business partnerships and small corporations

If Mashel Law can prove your case, you may be entitled to damages such as back pay, front pay, emotional distress damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees, or remedies such as reinstatement or promotion. If you believe you have been victimized by bias, retaliation, or been denied employee rights provided by law, do not hesitate call us at (732) 536-6161 or simply fill out the online contact form found on this page. We are ready to help you.

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