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All thanks to Elizabeth and her team, the settlement process was quick and pain-free!

- K.S.

The staff and knowledge of the lawyers is just phenomenal ! They work hard to ensure you get everything you are entitled to! They walk you through the entire process from start to finish and never disappoint! I have used them twice and if ever needed again, they are my go to people!

- J.M.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the exceptional legal representation provided by Elizabeth. I never thought I would end up in an employment dispute. I was at a loss for words, loss on what to do, so I turned to Mashel Law to tell my story. Let me be clear, it was the best decision I could have ever made.

Elizabeth is knowledgeable of employment law . She took the time to break down the complex legal process clearly but also took the time to understand my situation. This personalized approach made me feel heard and supported throughout the entire process.

Elizabeth, from the bottom of my heart thank you for believing in me, my situation and being the voice when I did not have one left.

- J.S.

It was a pleasure working with Elizabeth and everyone and Mashel Law.

- R.B.

Excellent law firm to deal with. Elizabeth is very patient and helpful. A+ employment lawyers. Will use again when needed.

- F.M.

Amy went above and beyond to stick by my side she was very thorough with the work she put in for my case I would highly recommend them

Thank you for all the hard work.

- C.G.

I want to thank Elizabeth for helping me with my lawsuit. She is a great lawyer and will satisfy your needs in less than a year.

- N.G.

I want to thank Elizabeth Trottier and Stephan Mashel for their excellent work in settling my case. Elizabeth kept me updated throughout the process, which I really appreciated. I am very satisfied and highly recommend Mashel Law!

- B.A.

The whole team was very helpful and swift in assisting with my issues. Thank you again to Mashel Law.

- Y.A.

Elizabeth excellent job, in winning our case. Thank you very much.

- A.S.

My wife & I had a wonderful experience working with Elizabeth at Mashel Law! Their whole team was attentive and worked hard to help us fight! Thank you again!

- C.A.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional legal representation provided by Amy. When I found myself in a difficult employment dispute, I turned to Amy at Mashel Law, and it was the best decision I could have made.

Her deep knowledge of employment law Amy not only explained the complex legal process clearly but also took the time to understand the nuances of my situation. This personalized approach made me feel heard and supported throughout.

What truly sets Amy apart is her commitment to achieving the best possible outcome.

- M.D.

There are no words to describe how efficient this law firm is. When I called their office the reception was welcoming and helpful and attentive to my situation. Very quick and fast in solving the case. My case was handled by Elizabeth M Trottier she was very efficient and solved the case very fast with a good result and above all she was there for me, and communication was always open.

Thank you all at MASHEL LAW.

- I.T.

I first found Mashel Law through a Google search. I am happy to say that I am extremely satisfied with the treatment and services provided by the staff. Elizabeth, in particular, was excellent and really worked so hard and consistently. I would,100%, recommend to family and friends!

- J.G.

I first came by the firm after doing some research on google for attorneys that could help me with my situation from a previous employer. After reading the google reviews, I decided to give them a call. I must say that they were very kind, listened to me, and were very detailed when it came to explaining everything. I appreciate their follow ups and support throughout a challenging situation. I would definitely recommend Mashel Law if you are looking for representation!

- O.M.

I would highly recommend this law firm! They worked with me the whole time, always stayed in contact to update me on any new information and answered my calls and e-mails. They were definitely a pleasure to work with. They were confident they would get me what I wanted and succeeded. I'm so glad I chose them to fight for me.

- J.E.

Very patient, understanding and heartwarming. I am Deaf. I appreciate the time Attorney Elizabeth took to understand my concerns and needs to properly address the issues of my case. She patiently answered all my questions and kindly explained every step of the process. She's a true human being. She really looks out for the best interest of her clients. Highly recommend.

- F.S.

This was my first time working with a lawyer and I had a great experience. Amy was patient and kind- she made sure I understood what was happening at every stage, allowed me to ask questions and carefully explained the legal jargon to me. I appreciated most that she set very clear expectations of what could happen and gave me the option to choose my next steps. I had spoken to other firms that told me I did not have a good case but Mashel Law proved them wrong. I am very satisfied and highly recommend!

- D.A.

It was an awesome experience working with Elizabeth & Tina. I did not expect to get as much as I did. Elizabeth represented me well and made sure that I was satisfied with the results. I would recommend anyone to this law firm. I will definitely utilize their services again. Thank you Mashel Law LLC!!

- T.S.

Great people great lawyer!! Mashel law helped me greatly in my time of need and made the process very easy thank you guys.

- K.C.

If you are having a dispute with your employer, have been terminated and question whether your rights have been violated, call this firm! If you're like me, you might feel ashamed, questioning yourself, surprised, stuck with sudden expenses and trying to care for your family who rely on you. Unfortunately, I have had two instances for completely different reasons where I found myself suddenly terminated and felt it was wrongful for one reason or another. Steve and Elizabeth have been incredibly helpful in sorting out the issues and helping to determine if something unfair or unlawful had happened, and after providing a truly thoughtful analysis and finding there was some sort of breech, fought for me 100%. They got the best results possible and I am grateful to them. They are top notch, professional, reassuring, compassionate, and all I had to do was focus on getting my life back on track. Tina was unhurried, helpful and kind, with all administrative matters, helping to assist a smooth experience. I highly recommend them! Thank you Mashel Law and team, for having my back.

- A.D.

Elizabeth Trottier was exceptional. She planned ahead, was thorough and detail oriented and she didn't hesitate to put in the extra time that was necessary to win every aspect of my case. I definitely recommend Mashel Law and even more so - Elizabeth Trottier.

- A.K.

Mashel Law is one of the best firms out there! They helped me with so much and took their time and effort into making sure I was taken care of in the best way possible as their client. I want to thank Liz & Steve for putting in so much hard work and effort in my case! Huge Huge Huge blessing picking them as my lawyers !

- B.F.

Even though your law firm declines to represent me, I'm truly thankful for Amy's help, information, and professionalism. I'm incredibly impressed.

- W.W.T.

To the whole TEAM, my family and I would like to thank you for everything! From my unemployment case to my final settlement, I couldn't ask for better representation! Steve and Liz, thank you for all of your meticulous and hard work! Your experience and professionalism are exceptional and always made me feel like I made the right decision(s).

I wish you all the very best and I will be referring your firm any chance that I get.

Amy is most intelligent and the kindest lawyer . I had the most amazing experience with Mashel Law for my unemployment appeal. Amy thoroughly helped me with the case and at the end I won the case. That's the reason I highly recommend her. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to Amy and Mashel law Team for all efforts and guidance.

- N.S.

Mashel Law represented me on a legal matter. The attorneys work as a cohesive team across many fields. However, Elizabeth Trottier who was my point person is/was amazing, personable and effective! Her knowledge and responsiveness made the difference in my case. Simply put, Mashel Law fights for their clients' rights!

- Y.C.

Great service and professionals.
Strongly recommend!

- K.D.

This firm is top notch! Elizabeth Trottier represents professionalism and obtains the best results...

- M.S.

If you're someone who's deciding to hire an employment lawyer and reading this I want you to know you have found the right place and are fortunate to discover this law firm. Amy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only taking my case but all the hard work and preparation it took for you. I am thankful that you took my case and gave me the break and results I needed. You were not only compassionate and caring but I discovered how experienced and knowledgeable you and Stephan were during the depositions. I found out how much work goes into this and I am just thankful! Thank you for fighting for me I appreciate this!! I will highly recommend you to anyone I know going through job related matters!

- Y.T.

I highly recommend Mashel Law, L.L.C. firm to any individuals looking for an attorney who will do what is right, uphold the law, and fight for persons like myself who are not knowledgeable of the law and who are overwhelmed, frustrated, unsure where to turn.

From the initial consultation until the appeal I was treated like a person, the team I spoke with was always very courteous and patient with me. They listened, provided me the proper guidance, and gave me a sense of complete confidence.

Thank you Ms Tina Mashel, Ms. Amy Blanchfield for listening and taking my case and, Ms. Elizabeth Trottier for the invaluable guidance through my dispute with the Department of Labor.

- J.G.

Amy is the most intelligent and kind lawyer. From start to finish, I had the most amazing experience with Mashel Law. In addition to winning my unemployment appeal and a weight being lifted from my shoulders, i just want to add that Mashel Law runs so efficiently - it's so easy to work with them. I genuinely felt like I was a priority at all times. Amy is so knowledgeable and thorough, and her compassion is what separates her from most other lawyers - she knows her stuff! I trust her and I highly recommend her. Thank you so so much Amy & Mashel Law, you made the world of difference to me. Amy you're one in a million and so good at what you do!

- J.T.

Fantastic services! I will not hesitate to recommend this office to my family and friends because they are customer service oriented. Thank you for your great resolve to assist your customers!

- A.J.

Excellent services. We started our case with Ms. Trottier of Mashel Law about one year ago before the hearing finally arranged. Good communication throughout entire process, keep updating us the situations, very patient to answer questions, prepare things very well. Highly recommend!

- Z.L.

Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional. She was able to guide me through a convoluted case, and ultimately favorably resolve issues going back two years. I would highly recommend her and everyone at Mashel Law.

- A.K.

Mashel Law is the only firm you should choose for your employment law questions and representation. Professional, diligent and knowledgeable - Steve Mashel and Amy Blanchfield are Rock Stars!

- R.S.

I'm very grateful with being represented by this Firm , Elizabeth always being very helpful and making sure i was aware of everything and that i fully understood , they fought for me. Steve and Elizabeth , Thank You so much i can't be more grateful.

- K.F.

I highly recommend utilizing this law firm as they are truly dedicated to your cause and will fight for you. They are knowledgeable, friendly and on top of their game. They will guide you through the process and will make a difficult matter a little easier to deal with.

- F.P.

I used the law firm of Mashel Law which turned out to be the best choice I made. They handled my case and win . I will be using them in the future. I want to thank them for a great job.

- J.L.

I was nervous about seeking legal help but they did a great job with everything. Made sure I was very prepared if I needed to speak and made me at ease about my case. Worked with my schedule and answered any questions I had. Highly recommend.

- J.B.

Great customer service - I had a document reviewed and discussed by an attorney within 24 hours. I was given very good information.
Elizabeth was straight forward and personable - easy to talk to. Highly recommend them!

- N.B.

Elizabeth was professional, prepared, shared her points of concern about the separation agreement and thoughtfully.
Answered my questions.

- D.B.

I am so grateful to Liz for helping me collect my unemployment, it's been 5 months without receiving a penny and my account being put on freeze. She helped prep me for my appeal and was easy to talk to, and within days after my appeal, we just found out I will get all the money owed to me!

- K.L.

Elizabeth was professional, prepared, shared her points of concerns about the separations agreement and thoughtfully answered my questions. Thank you for your help with this agreement!

- D.B.

I don't have the words to describe the gratitude I have for Amy Blanchfield. I felt like I was really fought for, I felt protected and very confident throughout the whole process. I would recommend their services to family and friends in need. THAN YOU VERY MUCH, to you and your firm. (Gracias.)

- X.G.

If you are in the trucking industry and feel that have no control over your business, I recommend Mashel Law Firm 200%. Here you will find, PROFESSIONALISM, HONESTY, RESULTS, and you will be part of the process all the way. My gratitude to Stephan Mashel, Amy Blanchfield, and Tina Mashel,.. great attorneys!!!!!

- M.D.

Amazing staff! Elizabeth was more than helpful with any question or concern I had! I recommend her service to anything who need help with their unemployment problems.

- J.P.

Steve, Elizabeth and team provided tremendous help when I was in need of that. I contacted many attorneys before connecting with Steve and Liz. They were the first ones to listen to all the events in detail, giving considerable time. That was such a positive feeling. I was up against one of the biggest law firms in US- that's why, other attorneys were letting me know that first - but Steve, Liz and team listened to my part first. Right from the start, it was the differentiator. The team is VERY VERY good at what they do. They are very knowledgeable. The fees were considerate and just. I thank you for that as well. In the end, I would say that hiring Steve, Liz and team was one of the best decisions I had taken and I will always have that gratitude because they helped me.

- D.C.

From top to bottom Mashel Law was amazing. I worked with Liz and not only was she very helpful, but she was very thorough. To make things even better we won the case and I got the money within 21 days! Awesome firm would highly recommend to anyone.

- J.R.

This was my first experience with a law firm, and could not be any happier. Everything went a smooth as I possibly could have hoped with the desired outcome.

- E.P.

Amazing professionality and in depth knowledge of applicable laws helped me, or rather was fundamental in helping me with unemployment issues generated by an aggressive benefits evaluator. Excellent team work by everyone at Mashel Law and especially Amy Blanchfield, Squire during an intense appeal hearing over the phone. Five stars are an understatement.

- R.R.

Had an amazing experience working with Elizabeth and the entire Mashel Law team. They were extremely responsive, honest, and professional. Would definitely recommend!

- L.H.

I highly recommend this company if you have employment issues, I had problems receiving unemployment (unemployment's error not mine), even the Governor wouldn't help. Mashel Law LLC was there to help, reasonable prices, my case was given to Elizabeth T. she was very nice understood my problem, answered all my e-mails and I sent them weekly. Was able to resolve my unemployment problems.

- S.K.

Amy and her team are very professional. I commend them for being patient, knowledgeable and courteous when working with me on my case.

- C.M.

I am so appreciative of the help I received from this firm. They were professional, friendly and supportive throughout the entire process. Highly recommend.

- M.M.

I had to file an appeal with NJ Unemployment regarding my claim and I felt it best that I have an attorney represent me. I searched the internet and found Mashel Law. I had nothing to go on other than their reviews which were good so I called them and I'm so grateful I did. I have to say that the entire experience was exceptional. They conducted the consultation and were in constant contact with me throughout a very long process (severely delayed by NJ Unemployment). For the price I paid to retain them, I honestly received so much more than I expected. Elizabeth (my attorney) and Tina (contact) were on top of everything and available and responsive every time I contacted them. Elizabeth ensured that I was well prepared for the hearing and it was a success as a result. If you want great representation, look no further than Mashel Law!

- L.V.

Thankful for Elizabeth Trottier and her expertise! I recently worked with Elizabeth on my unemployment appeal and she was wonderful in every aspect. She was always available for any questions I had; both before and after my hearing. I cannot recommend this firm enough!

- A.B.

When I discovered Mashel Law, I was not sure that my case would be handled with such outstanding diligence. This firm offers : Competence, Professionalism, and Courtesy, a very important factor that is often missing in professional interaction. Excelsior!

- B.D.

It's good luck to meet Elizabeth. She helped my husband's unemployment case through really tough time. She is very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. We couldn't make it without her big help. Thank you so much again.

- J.Y.

I've used Mashel Law in the past and came back with a 2nd issue; knowing I would get great results and assistance from Steve. This time around, Steve had me working with Amy and as always, I was very pleased with the service and professionalism they provided me with my complicated issue. It was a great pleasure working with Tina and Amy who kept me abreast of everything happening with case. I want to thank Amy for all her hard work and for getting me the result I needed!!!

- M.M.

Amy helped me with my case, she was a great support and advisor. I could not have gone through the process successfully without her!

- J.S.

While searching for an attorney to help with my denied unemployment claim, I came across Mashel Law. I had already spoken with another attorney and he was not confident I could win my case. After researching law firms online I came across Mashel Law and liked what I read about them and the reviews they received. I then contacted Mashel Law and was directed to attorney Elizabeth Trottier… who was very confident once she listened to my story that we could not only win, but she could help address another issue I had regarding my claim. Satisfied would be an understatement! I could not be happier with everyone at Mashel Law! The entire staff was extremely helpful, including Partner Stephan Mashel and Attorney Amy Blanchfield, who joined several calls and answered any questions. I cannot say enough about both Elizabeth Trottier and Tina Mashel! They both made the process seamless, were always responsive and so, so pleasant to work with!

It was an incredibly pleasant and successful, experience, particularly since my legal issue was so troublesome for me.

- L.W.

I was wrongfully terminated from my place of employment and had proof of it. I had contacted six attorneys who were not even willing to listen to my story. After doing a search on the internet, I found Mashel Law and the reviews about the firm were excellent. I decided to call them. They did listen to my situation and they offered their services. They were kind, understanding and more than willing to help me. Elizabeth Trottier was my attorney and she was amazing! She was professional on every level and kept me updated with every move. I would most definitely recommend Mashel Law to my family, friends and anyone that needs legal advice. They will fight for you.

- D.B.

If you came to read reviews because you're in search of a good law firm, stop looking because you found them. From the first day I called until my case was over they kept me updated with emails and phone calls. A special thank you to Tina, Elizabeth, and Amy the best lawyer in New Jersey. You guys are awesome.

- G.E.

Great team! Very satisfied with everything and would highly recommend this firm to my friends and family. It was worth it and I am happy I picked them to help me with situation.

- R.P.

Mashel Law was very professional and provided me with the best advice. I chose Mashel Law because of their excellent reviews. I spoke with another attorney who wanted twice the money. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of my case.

- A.M.

Elizabeth is the experience that you need when going into a NJ Unemployment Tribunal Hearing. Just the name sounds scary. I would recommend that you do not go it alone as you are up against the State and your former employer who have this experience whereas I was a novice. We won and am very thankful.

- B.K.

I'm very satisfied about Mashel service, all the team was professional, compassionate and helpful. I thank Tina, Amy and Elizabeth for their assistance and guidance. They've helped me a lot for the preparation of the hearing. I really recommend this firm.

- C.B.

Recently Elizabeth and Stephan negotiated a settlement with my former employer on my behalf. From the moment Elizabeth agreed to the case she proved herself to be resourceful, knowledgeable, patient, tenacious and always looking out for me as the client. Throughout the process she discussed everything with me and always kept me informed. Today I got a check in the mail for more money than I thought I would ever see from this case. If you need good employment attorneys Stephan Mashel and his team are the best.

- E.H.

I would like to first start off by saying that Steve, Liz, Tina, and Amy are very compassionate, empathetic, and professional people. I was always scared to work with lawyers until I found them. The first meeting with them, they listened and empathized with me and my story. I met with another lawyer before going to this firm and they didn't even listen to what I was feeling and what I have suffered. Mashel Law did a fabulous job representing me and making me feel and get heard! If I ever had to work with a law firm again, I would work with them in a heartbeat, and I would highly recommend working with this team. It's hard to find lawyers you can trust, thank goodness I found them!!!

- L.K.

I worked with Liz and I have to say she was very professional and knowledgeable and honest. I highly recommend this law firm. They are all very dedicated people

- C.M.

The Mashel Law Firm was a great choice for me to secure a fair and just result to a very distressing event in my life. Elizabeth Trottier was professional, timely, communitive and thorough.

Along with Amy, the Mashel Team secured a settlement beyond my expectations. My family is very grateful for their hard work and perseverance.

The Mashel Law Firm is a first-class, intelligent group of attorneys and highly recommended. Thanks so much!

- B.L

Explained everything in a timely manner never left my side worked hard for me and got the results my family and I needed look nowhere else for a fighting firm like this one ! Would highly recommend them and will use if needed again thank you Mashel Law for your hard work !!!!

- J.L.

After reaching out to several Law firms to try and get help with my case, I was very disheartened to be turned away from 3 different firms. I didn't know what to do. I was at a loss. I then scoured the internet and stumbled upon Mashel Law. I wrote them a brief summary explaining my case. Steve Mashel got back to me the following business day. We went over my case and he agreed to help me. From that time on I was in contact with his team almost on a weekly basis to get ready. His team of Elizabeth Trottier, Amy Blanchfield and Tina were wonderful, attentive and very professional. They got me prepared for my Appeal. Everything went according to their plan and coaching! Because of their guidance and expertise, I WON MY CASE!!! I can't thank them enough!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- J.K.

Law firm was professional in representing us in a Unemployment claim. When others said we didn't have a snowballs chance in hell! They came through in flying colors!

- H. P.

I was in very distress when I received a letter from the New Jersey Department of Labor about unemployment benefits ineligibility in COVID19 time. Friends refer me to the Mashel Law LLC firm. I found them very professional service staff who advise me, who help me in all questions I have, who lead me through the process of the Appeal Tribunal successfully. I am giving the highest grade for the service and referring Mashel Law services to everyone who experiences a similar issue. Lawyers of the company firmly represent my case with the great knowledge of the Law. Thank you very much for your service.

- H.P.

I was referred to Mashel Law through a friend that was going through unemployment problems. I was contacted by Amy Blanchfield regarding my situation. She was professional, informative and she prepared me for what was to be expected in my own legal situation. I would highly recommend Amy as well as anybody from this law firm.

- C.T.

During a very difficult time in my life, I seek legal help from Mashel Law and they exceeded my expectations. I had the pleasure working with Amy whom from the beginning was so attentive and supportive till the very end. I had so many uncertainties of the process, but working with Amy put all my worries at ease. With Mashel Law backing me and Amy in my corner I was confident that the end result was going to be worthwhile and they did not disappoint. Thank you Mashel Law and a special thanks to Amy!!!! You helped me close this chapter in my life and I'm forever grateful.

- L.R.

I Had a very hard long and involved case, there were times i wanted to give up, but my team at Mashel Law stood by my side and fought for me. If I had a question or remember something they always would get back to me. always made me feel like I was their number one client. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If you are their client they are your number one advocate.

- L.B.

Great customer service - I had a document reviewed and discussed by an attorney within 24 hours. I was given very good information - Elizabeth was straight forward and personable - easy to talk to. Highly recommend them!!

- N.B.

I was referred to Mr. Mashel by a family member. I'm young and I was super scared at the time. However, Mr. Mashel and Elizabeth Trottier made me super comfortable about the situation. They held my hand until the very end and I'm beyond satisfied with the outcome. Thank you for everything!!! Highly recommended!!!

- C.B.

I had the pleasure of working with Liz as my lawyer. From day one she was knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated. She always was quick to answer any emails and questions that I had. She kept me posted on every detail throughout the process, and in the end helped me win a significant amount of settlement money. She and Steve worked so hard during my mediation to get me the money I deserved. I highly recommend Mashel Law for your wrongful termination lawsuit!

- C.S.

I very pleased with the service they provided and recommend them heartfully to everyone. They were very professional and explained every steps with my unemployment appeal and handled all the paperwork. Thank you for your service.

- A.Z.

DA from NJ ... My case was a head ache for me but the Mashel crew smoothed out some rough spots and made the journey through legal mazedium very tolerable, I let them work it and they worked it ... Thanks guys, you are number one on my legal dial !!!!

- D.A.

I had the pleasure of working with Amy as my attorney. She is very professional, patient and a great listener. In addition to being knowledgeable in her field, she is also very personable and caring, making the whole experience much less stressful. The rest of the staff is also very professional, and communications were quick and easy. Thank you Mashel Law!

- A.S.

I was represented by Elizabeth Trottier and couldn't be happier with the results of our case and the service that was provided. I would recommend Mashel Law to anyone in need of a Consult or representation. My hearing was scheduled one week from when I first contacted Mashel Law and within that limited time frame I was given all the information I needed to understand my situation, my only regret is that I didn't call sooner.

- B. J.

I personally dealt with attorney Liz Trottier and she was terrific! Very professional and personable. The office made me feel very comfortable and very pleased with the outcome. Very highly recommended!

- C.F.

I wanted to thank Elizabeth Trottier for handling my case addressing the equal pay act and violations of NJ LAD. She is an amazing attorney who believes in keeping her clients informed, understands the law thoroughly and is committed to providing superior customer service. Thank you very much to Mashel Law firm and staff and a special note of thanks to attorney Elizabeth Trottier.

- A.M.

Explained my options thoroughly and walked me through settlement step by step I am very pleased with the end result. Thank You Amy Blanchfield.

- L.M.

Mashel Law helped guide me through a really difficult time. They answered all my questions and were very patient and kind. They got done what needed to be done in a timely manner. I couldn't have asked for a better law firm to help me. Thanks again!

- L.T.

Thank you for what you did for me. You guys really made me feel at ease throughout the whole process and I'm so glad I had the pleasure of working with you thanks again.

- A.G.

Positive, Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

Ms. Elizabeth Trottier came in clutch when I needed her! Mashel Law is very professional and will get the result you want! I am so happy I found this law firm and will use them again in the future!

- P.C.

They professionally handled my matter and kept me updated. I would highly recommend Mashel Law LLC for any legal matter.

- J.B.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. They professionally handled my matter and kept me updated. I would highly recommend Mashel Law LLC for any legal matter.

- J.S.

The staff and services provided were top notch and very fast. Each interaction with them was very professional, informative, and calming which is a key element to have when dealing with a stressful situation to which you require legal help. If you require legal help the best thing to do is get advice from a professional. These people are the professionals you need. I would highly Recommend contacting them if you require legal help or advice.

- R.B.

They were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient with me and explained everything-so, that I fully understood all my options. They negotiated a reasonable out-of-court settlement with my former employer. They called to keep me informed, and returned my phone calls promptly.
Thank you,

- S.B.

I was nervous & unsure what my options were when I walked into Mashel Law. I had never needed an attorney before & had no idea how to even to go about finding one. My only guidance was the reviews I found online. I kept coming back to Mashel Law so I called & made an appointment.

I am so glad I did. Elizabeth Trottier immediately made me feel valued & more importantly, like I had someone in my corner. She was knowledgeable & listened to me. I knew after meeting with Elizabeth that I was in able hands. She was courteous, professional & honest. I was kept informed every step of the way.

- J.G.

When I first walked into Mashel Law, I didn't have much confidence or even know what to expect. What I got was not only a great attorney & legal team, but also an experience that far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Mashel Law to anyone who has a legal matter. Thank you so much!

- D.W.

Very good experience having the help of Steve, Elizabeth, Amy, Tina, and the entire staff at Mashel Law. I went to a number of lawyers before I got to Mashel Law. After my initial meeting, my search was over!!! And with the difficulty to prove what I was subjected to at my place of employment had other lawyers unwilling to put up the fight. Mashel Law heard me loud and clear and fought to make me whole again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

- W.B.

Excellent, attentive, and compassionate employment attorneys. Mashel Law provided me with much needed closure on my employment matter; with a result exceeding what I had anticipated. Thank you so much.

- T.S.

If you are looking for a law firm who specializes in employment cases Mashel Law is it. They are very knowledgeable in employee rights as well as the jurisdiction permitted for each matter. They listen and do their best to help. Very attentive and very transparent/ honest which is what a client wants from their lawyer.

- R.S.

Very knowledgeable and thorough attorneys. Professional, detail-oriented, and take their time to get to know clients. Would definitely recommend.

- M.W.

This law firm is amazing, great staff, would recommend this firm to friends and family. Thanks you for all your hard work.

- M.R.

Staff and lawyers at Mashel Law did an outstanding job in helping with legal issues. They are professional, knowledgeable and well versed in the employment laws. Extremely satisfied and highly recommend the firm. Thank you.

- M.T.

Ms. Blanchfield was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. She guided me through a difficult situation, put me at ease, and most importantly, helped me win the case! I am very satisfied with the experience, and I highly recommend Mashel Law's services. Thank you!

- C.C.

Staff is great. I was treated with the utmost respect which is greatly appreciated in a world like today. I would highly recommend Mashel Law LLC!!!

- E.D.

Let me tell you one thing about this firm... THEY ARE AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE . My lawyer was Peter Valenzano and he was not only thorough... BUT he was HONEST AND PROFESSIONAL, he helped me every step of the way with my claim against my last job. I am so glad i chose them !

Please Please Please...if you are looking for an attorney and a great firm to FIGHT FOR YOU!

This is the place you need to come to. Thank you guys so much for helping me WIN my case! I am so thankful i chose them to fight for me!

- C.Z.

The moment I stepped foot into their office, I was a terrified, nervous mess but upon meeting with Ms. Trottier, I felt much more at ease. She listened with complete acknowledgement and compassion at the entire ordeal I had been through, validated feelings that I had doubted within myself and ensured that herself and her team would handle my matter at hand with utmost importance. Once my matter reached a stage where I needed negotiating, Mr. Valenzano kept me abreast of every detail and always made sure I was confident with the process and understood each step of the process. Mr. and Mrs. Mashel were both easily accessible via telephone and wonderful to speak with. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my decision to hire Mashel Law as my attorneys and their entire staff. Not once did I question my decision, the process or timeline it took. I was always informed of every step or bump in the road and feel that they worked so very hard to provide me with a conclusion to a very rough year of my life. I can't say ANYTHING negative about Mashel Law, and will very highly recommend them to anyone who may need their services. They provided me with validation, empathy, compassion and importance at a time when I doubted myself and my experiences. They have given me my confidence back, and for that I will be eternally grateful! Everyone in that office will always hold a special place in my heart!!

- E.C.