Mashel Law Files Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against DHL Supply Chain

Morganville, N.J. August 1, 2018 - Mashel Law filed a failure to accommodate wrongful discharge disability discrimination lawsuit in the New Jersey Superior Court, Mercer County against DHL Supply Chain, a division of the Deutsche Post DHL Group (DHL Supply Chain). DHL Supply Chain provides logistic solutions for customers along the entire supply chain, and maintains and operates a warehouse located in Robbinsville, New Jersey. In the lawsuit, Mashel Law alleges DHL Supply Chain violated of New Jersey's broad and liberally-construed Law Against Discrimination, N.J.S.A. 10:5-1, et. seq. (the "LAD") when it decided to terminate their client's employment because she asked for permission to leave work early, and then left work early to go to a hospital emergency room to have her medical condition evaluated.

Plaintiff relates in her Complaint how even though she brought to work the following day documentation from the hospital confirming she had indeed gone to the hospital's emergency room to have her medical condition evaluated and was a diagnosed there with a painful medical condition in her uterus, DHL Supply Chain nonetheless proceeded to terminate her employment. In doing so, Mashel Law alleges DHL Supply Chain violated the LAD because it did not afford her the reasonable accommodation of a short leave of absence to go to the hospital and then subjected Plaintiff to a retaliatory discharge for in fact attending to her health by going to a hospital emergency room for evaluation and treatment of her painful and debilitating medial condition. In the lawsuit Mashel Law seeks for their client all statutory remedies available to her under the LAD including lost wages and benefits, emotional distress, punitive damages, and reasonable attorney fees and costs of suit. It is expected that DHL Supply Chain will file papers in court denying Plainitff's allegations.

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