Mashel Law Settles Fraud Wage Case For $125,000

Mashel Law settled for $125,000 a fraud related wage claim case where the Defendant employer reneged on its promise to pay our client, a foreign national residing in New Jersey under a H1B visa, a salary of $60,000 per year. In this lawsuit, Mashel Law alleged the Defendant had perpetrated a classic "bait and switch" deception by paying our client only half the salary promised before he accepted a job because the Defendant knew it could take advantage of our client's difficult residency situation resulting from our client's need to immediately find a new employer to sponsor his visa in the event he quit his job with the Defendant. Without an employer sponsoring his visa, our client ran the risk of immediate deportation from the United States. Given our client had less than $80,000 in provable lost wages, the settlement obtained for the client was a very good result.

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