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Testimonials (Continued) 2

I was extremely satisfied by Amy Blanchfield who not only provided excellent professional service and was always prompt and attentive to my needs, even when I emailed her during the weekend that I had an issue, she responded immediately. Amy should be acknowledged for excellent service and her very pleasant demeanor. I highly recommend her and will refer your legal practice.

- M.G.

I learned of Mashel Law from an internet search. I was immensely satisfied with services I received by the staff and attorneys. My experience was very positive. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and attentive to my legal case.

I unequivocally without hesitation would endorse and advocate Mashel Law to family, friends, co-workers and the inquisitive acquaintance on the street.

- S.F.

I learned about Mashel Law LLC through an internet search. I was satisfied with their services and had an excellent overall experience.

I would recommend Mashel Law to my family and friends.

- D.Z.

I have always been extremely satisfied with the treatment and service provided by everyone at Mashel Law -- This is the 3rd time that I have availed myself of your services

First-rate and outstanding. I have previously recommended the firm to friends, etc. and will continue to do so.

- S.W.

I was satisfied with the services provided by Mashel Law LLC. Everyone was kind, supportive, professional and overall an A+ experience. I will definitely recommend.

The firm and have already done so. Thank you for helping me with this matter.

- Rita Marcus

Overall It was a very professional environment since day one. Very clear guidance that helped me to make the right decisions. Mr. Valenzano was always on top of his game, answering my requests in less than 24 hours.

I have already passed along Mr. Valenzano's information to one of my friends.

- E.H.

I have always been extremely satisfied with the treatment and service provided by everyone at Mashel Law -- This is the 3rd time that I have availed myself of their services. First-rate and outstanding. I have previously recommended the firm to friends, etc. and will continue to do so.

- S.W.

My experience with the Mashel law firm was one of immediate trust and dependability. They walked me through the process of my claim as it pertained to the law guiding me with sensible expectations and timely results. I would highly recommend them. On your side legal help!

- P.N.

Peter was able to guide me through the entire process - from my trembling first visit to successfully winning the settlement I deserved. Peter believed in my case since the get-go .. he was able to negotiate a settlement that was beyond my initial hopes.

- J.G.

Mashel Law is not afraid to take on much larger law firms. Steve's decades of experience and knowledge in workplace (CEPA) law really saved the day for me. He speaks the truth to his clients, he does not sugarcoat, he does not engage in politics he just does his job, he works hard and he does it well. I am so thankful that I found Steve and that he handled a very difficult case for me in a time of need he was compassionate. His understanding of a my complicated profession and subject matter was very impressive and he delivered a very fair retainer contract under some difficult time constraints set by the court. Thank you so much to everyone at Mashel Law for getting me through a tough time in my life.

- Anonymous

Cannot urge the folks that read this who may be considering a legal matter to hire Mashel Law firm. Over the course of two years they exceeded expectations going above and beyond for me. Specifically when it comes to communication, knowledge, advice, strategic planning, and RESULTS! It's the whole team You get! There was literally never a time where a call was not returned or a question answered! Additionally, you will have the great pleasure of Tina assisting you who is also an absolute gem!!

- Steve

Stephan took my case, which most lawyers wouldn't have. He believed in me from the start! He advised me on the odds of winning my case and how long it may take. My case took almost three years to resolve and it was a pleasure to deal with Stephan and his firm. They always kept me up to date with case info and were very accommodating to me as well.

I never felt in the dark with my case at all and if I had any questions his whole team was accessible to me. His secretary Tina was always polite and informative. I always felt my case was in good hands. In the end I'm pleased to say Stephan help me get the reward I deserved.

I would highly recommended him to my family, friends and to anyone who wants a awesome lawyer that will go above and beyond!!

- Anthony

I learned of your firm through Internet search, but had been to your office previously for a consultation regarding a totally separate legal matter.

The office was very professional. Kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. My overall experience was outstanding. I would recommend your office to family, friends and coworkers.

- A.L.

I learned of your firm through research on the internet. I was extremely satisfied with the treatment and services. I would definitely recommend your services to others who require help in these related type of matters.

- Andres Hernandez

I can only give the highest rating regarding my experience with Peter D. Valenzano at Mashel Law. Peter is very professional and straight forward and honest and very diligent in his work. the end result for my case was the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. Thanks Mashel Law

- Ophelia Myles

The staff and my attorney was very professional. When most attorneys turned me down Mashel Law listened to me and brought me the justice that I deserved. I especially like how I was made to feel like a major part of the process with constant communication with my attorney. In fact when I hear of someone with a work related issue my response will be " I know a guy".

- Robert Morris

Peter was kind, attentive, explained each step of the process and most importantly obtained a settlement that exceed my expectations. The overall experience working with Peter and the firm was superb!

- Olga Glazkova

I was 110% satisfied with Mashel Law LLC. I'm glad I picked up the phone and gave them a call. They listened to me and quickly brought me in the very next day for a free consultation. They are truly a First Class Law Firm. I encourage everyone to give them a call regarding your case as I did.

My attorney Peter kept me in the loop every step of the way. The communication between Peter and I was unlike any other experience I had with other cases. Mashel Law was there to answer all of my questions. During my free consultation Mashel Law came up with a clear game plan on how they were going to attack my case and they delivered.

I cant say enough about Peter Valenzano, He gave me his personal cell phone information he was there every step of the way responding to my calls/emails even while he was away on vacation or even sometimes late at night.

If your looking for a First Class Law Firm choose Mashel Law LLC. I would recommend this Law Firm to everyone, I put my case in their hands and from that moment I literally had peace of mind.

- Jalil Yausen Jones

I am very satisfied with the service provided by Steve Mashel and Peter Valenzano. I appreciated the transparency and also their effort in making me understand what is expected to happen (positive and negative outcome)with the issue that they are handling on my behalf.

Mr. Peter Valenzano was my main contact in this process. If I reach out to him for questions or issues (such as obtaining information the I need urgently), Peter promptly returns my call or responds to my e-mail. he works on my request promptly and immediately circles back to me when he has the response or information. They worked very hard to get me the best result to the issue that they were representing on my behalf.

Peter and Steve made me feel that they both had my best interests at heart. They were very professional but with a personal touch. My overall experience with Mashel Law is excellent. I guess I was lucky to find this firm just based on an internet search.

- Ma. Angela Vales

Yes, everyone was very polite, professional, understanding and cordial. Once I presented my case paperwork, the firm immediately went to work without delay and treated me and my case with the utmost importance. Definitely a pleasant overall experience.

- J. Curry

I was exceedingly satisfied by the responsiveness of my attorney at Mashel Law. My representation left nothing to be desired.

My experience with this firm was overall extremely positive. I was able to get a good result without a long drawn out litigation. I was impressed at the pace at which my attorney worked. I would recommend this law firm, specifically, Mr. Valenzano, to anyone, any day of the week. He is realistic, down to earth, and has the ability to effectively communicate legal-ese without making your head hurt.

- Fred Clark

Working with Mashel Law was easy. Tina is the legal secretary and is always very pleasant and a delight to deal with. She will listen and talk to you, plus she makes sure your request is received by the attorneys every time.

Stephan Mashel is very adept at explaining how the law works, what my options were, what usually happens (in their experience) and then they LISTEN to you, ask questions and allow you to make very informed decisions. I never had a single one of those annoying moments where you need to talk to them and had to wait. They are very accessible, ready and willing and truly made me feel like I was their only and most important client. Never do they give you the feeling like you’re on the clock.

In my case against my former employer, we actually were offered a very good settlement; however, it was to be strung out over a year and not in a lump sum. This is not customary and was unexpected as my agreement with Mashel Law was to pay them one-third of the settlement and they’d never before run into an employer unwilling to pay a single lump sum. Despite this last minute twist, they worked out a monthly payment plan for me to extend over one year!

Since the settlement, I hand delivered each monthly payment and Tina always greeted me by name and had a nice talk with me sincerely asking how I was doing. When available,  Stephan would also come out of his office to shake hands and say hello.

Long story short, this firm is experienced and they know how to do what they do….I say this not only in terms of their knowing the employment laws, but every bit as much in terms of knowing how people who have been wronged by their employer need to be treated. They are class all the way!

- Mark Miller

Extremely satisfied. Mr. Peter Valenzano was a true professional. He was responsive, excellent listener, great follow-up skills, and most of all is very knowledgeable in all aspects of labor laws. Outstanding surpassed my expectations. They were easy to do business with and worked extremely hard on my behalf under very difficult circumstances and tight timelines.

- Sam Mowaswes

Professional and approachable. Excellent timely and personable. Highly recommended.

- Doctor Fadem

After what happened with me, in my situation, I felt I had no place to turn. After making a few phone calls to these “supposed” reputable law offices that “claim” to help you, I came across Mashel Law and finally got a helping hand with my situation. Stephan Mashel educated me on some beliefs I had about companies and I will use that advice from here on, while I am employed.

Tina and Brian were also so very helpful.

What really struck me was from the moment I called to the moment my case was resolved, everyone took part in some way, in helping me with my case. Mashel Law did everything possible in resolving my case and worked closely with me and kept me abreast of all/any activity. I can’t thank them enough for their assistance. Thank you all at Mashel Law.”

- Marie

How would you describe your overall experience with our firm?
“As good as it could be.”

- Carolyn R.

Everyone was great to deal with. All of you treated me with care and concern. I received honest feedback as the case went along. All the advice I was given was spot on. THANK YOU!

- Nicole B.

It was a very friendly but professional environment. They made me very comfortable because of the immediate responses they gave me. They are very clever and skillful in their profession.

- Anonymous

I was completely satisfied. John was especially accommodating in listening to my concerns and offering suggestions and options.

- Anthony Z.

The Mashel Law staff treats everyone like family. From the minute you walk in the front door, there is always a kind happy staff member ready to greet you with a smile and working to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

- Anonymous

I was happy with the representation of my case. They were very quick with the resolution. I was very impressed.

- Nicole G.

Before I came to Mashel Law I was represented by one of the biggest law firms in New Jersey (they advertise on radio, TV and billboards). After working with that firm for over a year, I received a phone call telling me that they didn’t think my case was worth their time and resources. At the time I was out of work for over a year and worried about what to do next, being disabled and unable to work. I contacted Mashel law and they got me the maximum payout possible. My accident was in 2003 and thanks to Stephan Mashel and his staff, I am still getting paid to this day.

- AT

Stephan Mashel, I couldn’t have asked for better and exceptional representation throughout my case. You came highly recommended and you lived up to your reputation of providing excellent legal representation. I knew I was in good hands and had made the right decision in my choice of legal representation from the minute I walked through the doors of Mashel Law, LLC. Your office handled my case with such professionalism.

You both allayed my fears, addressed all my concerns and educated me about the entire process, most importantly prepared me for every possible scenario. You were realistic, honest and upfront with expectations and everything played out like you said it would. You were so thorough and confident. Throughout my constant barrage of emails and phone calls, you both always took the time to explain in detail any issues or information I found confusing. You gave me constant updates. You went above and beyond to ensure that no detail was overlooked.

You showed me patience and care in the face of the challenges that came up during the discovery process. I will never forget the hand-holding you both gave me during and after the grueling and intense deposition from the two Defense attorneys, one of whom bullied/badgered me during the entire process. I remember being very distraught after the deposition and felt extremely disheartened. You both put me at ease and gave me what every client needs, peace of mind to sleep well that night!

I would not have received the settlement I did if you had not fought very hard on my behalf. Stephan, I remember how hard you fought both Defense attorneys at the settlement conference to get me the settlement I was entitled to. I especially remember, the Judge’s comment to me upon completion of the settlement conference, “You have a wonderful attorney, Ms Appiah”.

Stephan, a simple thank you is not sufficient for what you did for me. I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have found you both at Mashel Law, LLC. Mashel Law exudes honesty, professionalism, compassion, understanding and dedication. My sincere, genuine and warm thanks to both of you and the entire staff at Mashel Law, LLC.

- Carlotta A

When I was in need of an attorney I knew I could count on John Pszwaro. He was very efficient and responsive, overall I am very happy with his service. My experience with Mashel Law was excellent and i am very pleased with the outcome. I will definitely recommend Mashel Law to my friends, family and co-workers. Thank you for all of your help!

- Kim C.

First off I would like to mention that the team at Mashel Law LLC is exceptional and extremely customer focused. When I was referred by one of their former clients I already knew I was going to get the best service available. My overall experience with the firm was exceptional and I would absolutely recommend Mashel Law to any of my friends family or co-workers. Thank you for all of your help!

- Vincent Costantino

I was treated in a respectful and professional manner at all times. My calls and e-mails were always responded to with great detail. The atmosphere in the office was comfortable, they took their time to answer all my questions and explain the process, etc.

- Denise Fronczek

Some people describe dealing with legal issues as akin to visiting a dentist. Staff and attorneys did their utmost to make a potentially disruptive experience as comfortable as possible. A shout-out to Tina in particular, who endeavored to put a “human” face on the goings-on.

- Douglas John Bowen

I would describe my experience as fulfilling. I feel like justice was served. It’s never fun to deal with harrowing issues that involve discrimination at a workplace, but Mashel Law made me feel comfortable and “held my hand” through the process.

- Jasmine Tyler


Testimonials (Continued)

Client Reviews
When I discovered Mashel Law, I was not sure that my case would be handled with such outstanding diligence. This firm offers : Competence, Professionalism, and Courtesy, a very important factor that is often missing in professional interaction. Excelsior! B.D.
It's good luck to meet Elizabeth. She helped my husband's unemployment case through really tough time. She is very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. We couldn't make it without her big help. Thank you so much again. J.Y.
This law firm is amazing, great staff, would recommend this firm to friends and family. Thanks you for all your hard work. M.R.
Staff and lawyers at Mashel Law did an outstanding job in helping with legal issues. They are professional, knowledgeable and well versed in the employment laws. Extremely satisfied and highly recommend the firm. Thank you. M.T.
From start to finish this firm was amazing. During a real difficult time in my life they made my case feel like it was a top priority. I can't thank them all enough. Great job! I would highly recommend this firm. C.B.