WMTJ-TV 4 in Milwaukee Interviews Stephan Mashel Regarding Mashel Law's Lyft Class Action Lawsuit

An interview of Stephan Mashel was aired on WMTJ-TV 4 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as part of its investigation into Lyft Drivers being shortchanged by Lyft, Inc. As previously reported, Mashel Law has filed a nationwide class action breach of contract case against Lyft, Inc. on behalf of drivers claiming that Lyft has hidden from its drivers the fact its making two fare calculations per ride, one which determines what the riders pay and the second which determines what the drivers are paid. The drivers claim that their drivers' fee should be based on what the rider is charged, not a lesser amount used by Lyft which is based on time and distance traveled. The entire investigative piece including the interview of Mr. Mashel can be found here.

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